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Cheating has always been a problem in the public schooling system. Whether or not it is out of control is what a lot of teachers, parents and even students are asking themselves. It seems more common today than it ever has been. From simple in class assignments to class finals students tend to rely on methods of cheating to get by. Many students have adapted to common cheating strategies and are beginning to depend on them. Teachers are even changing their strategies and methods in order to combat the cheating mind set students have developed. Is it becoming a mind set or have students just blatantly decided to cheat their way through education? There are obvious forms of cheating that a number of students chose to use such as copying assignments, peaking at answers during a test, paying people to do their work, and many other completely dishonest acts. However, what we don’t seem to recognize are the smaller, more “acceptable” forms of cheating. The problem with these less obvious forms of cheating is that students don’t even consider them dishonest. A number of students provide questions to their peers prior to them taking the test. This is obviously viewed as cheating through a teacher’s perspective but only forty two percent of students see this as cheating. Many more students write reports on movies rather than actually reading the book. Surprisingly sixty seven percent consider this acceptable. Working together is a great way to come up with answers and many teachers encourage it. However, when assigned to work alone, seventy seven percent of students think it is appropriate to work with their classmates. Reviewing these statistics show that students and teachers don’t have a common view on cheating. It also shows that integrity is evolving to a much lower standard. It’s not that more students are choosing to cheat that has

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