Cheaters Never Prosper

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Cheaters Never Prosper The phrase ‘Cheaters never prosper’ is one that is constantly drilled into our heads as we grow up. If not by our friends and family, then certainly by our school teachers. However, the more I matured the more I would question this statement. There are countless examples of people who have cheated in their lives in one way or another and have still managed to prosper from it. In fact some of the most well acknowledged people, past and present, have cheated and lied there way to success. An example could be the football team Barcelona; although they play wonderful football they are still heavily critisised for their playacting antics on the field when tackled in order to get opposition players sent off. But has this hindered their achievements? And is it true cheaters never prosper? If you asked me what I got in my Year 9 Maths exam, I would tell you, “Somewhere between an A* and an F!” Why? Not because I achieved each and every one of those grades that year. But because I didn’t really know where I stood. I was what you could call a cruiser in life, a person who would find an easy way out of the difficult things in life, a person with very few worries and the type to not revise for a test, but still do well through cheating. Last May as we were given our exam timetable I wasn’t particularly worried. Nor was I planning to be. For some reason I knew id do well regardless of how many hours of revision I put in. I looked around me to see many of my classmates with troubled looks on their faces, almost as if they’d seen a ghost. These exams meant a lot to them and they knew they would have to work long and hard in order to do well. But why wasn’t I feeling the way they were? The answer is simply because I never have worried in the past and so doing well in exams was a thing that came naturally to me, well so I thought. Ahead for my of the
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