Cheater Not Admitted Essay

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AP Language and Composition Cheaters Not Admitted Throughout the history of baseball, there have been those who have broken the rules and/or cheated to get to the top. Looking more closely at Barry Bonds, in particular, the question has always been in constant debate whether or not, arguably the greatest hitter in the history of the game, should make it into the Hall of Fame. Because the integrity of the game is far more important than any individual player, Barry Bonds, and all who have cheated the game, should not be elected into the Hall of Fame. This debate is more of a morality and ethics debate. One’s stance or position on the topic is usually indicative of their moral and/or ethical beliefs. Because steroids help to aid in the breaking of records and the accumulation of amazing statistics, many people view the career of those who have taken steroids to have an asterisk placed next to it. Others however, view steroids as a positive thing for baseball. Steroids in the minds of many “…make the game exciting” (Roleff 71). Baseball, which is often criticized of being too long and boring, “would be far more entertaining if people took steroids” is an argument made by many. It’s hard to argue with logic; “Home runs are fun and exciting….Steroid-enhanced athletes hit more home runs” (72). The problem with this ideology however, is that steroids do boost an athlete’s athletic ability and potential to levels that are nearly impossible to achieve without. Taking steroids is viewed by the majority of the general population, as cheating. Therefore, allowing these steroid-enhanced athletes into the hall of fame and/or validating their records and achievements without an asterisk placed beside them would destroy the integrity and strong historical significance of the game. It is confusing to many people however, how the Hall of Fame, which houses most of

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