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This past Christmas break from school I experience my first trip to Atlanta, Georgia. “I had the time of my life” is a complete understatement. My friend recently moved to Atlanta from Tampa to start a modeling career. We had been planning the trip for the last past six months. She needed help moving her things to Atlanta. So I packed all her stuff and her furniture then put them in a rented U-Haul so she can drive it to Atlanta, for this she agreed, once she gets stable in Atlanta I can com for a trip. Going to Atlanta for my Christmas break from school was perfect. I took a thirteen hour late night Greyhound bus, I arrived in Atlanta at 10:30. My first experience in Atlanta was immediately as I exited the bus station. I noticed the famous strip club Magic City. If you watch any music video or listening to rap music you’ve heard of Magic City. Rappers like Tyga, Lil Wayne and now Future has all shout videos there. The club is known for the big booty strippers. I decided to leave my bags at the bus station just to see if I could get in. when I enter the club the bouncer at the door told me there was a free cover charge with a two drink minim. Tempted to go in I just told him thinks and turned around. I did not want to be drunk an smelling like a stripper before I got to my friend’s house.I took the metro train to get to my friends house, witch was the first time I ever experience riding the train. Later on that night we got back on the train to go to Gladys’s chicken an waffles. Gladys Chicken and Waffles own by the legendary singer Gladys Knight. The restaurant was so classy and laid back. This was also my friends first time at Gladys Knight restaurant so, it made the experience better. The food was so good I loved it, we both were two fat pigs. I devoured the signature dish of chicken wings as well as one huge waffle with a slice of apple pie. The entire

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