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Kurt Francis G. Lazarte Methods Engineering Reflection Paper - Cheaper by the Dozen On the third class session of our Methods Engineering course, our Professor, Ronald Mariano set our class to watch a movie that was based on the life of Frank Gilbreth which is an expert with regards to time and motion study and efficiency entitled Cheaper by the Dozen. At first, my expectation to the movie is a bit boring since the setting is a bit old and it was filmed in the early 1900’s. I’m not that interested in watching old movies so my mindset then is to just observe as the movie progress. The movie talks about the methodology in anything employed by the father Frank Gilbreth in searching for the One Best Way or the most efficient and exacting manner of performing any task. He developed ways to simplify things by doing time and motion study. An example of it that was shown in the film is the fixing of the button of his long sleeves. Asking his wife to timed him up, he observe that it is much faster to button his long sleeves starting from bottom to top rather than top to bottom. Another is that he timed himself shaving to see which way took longer, using two brushes to apply the shaving cream of one. He found that two were faster. Frank, the father also experiment on which ways was faster, using two razors of one. He found that one was faster, because with two he cut himself so many times it took him twice as much time to cover the cuts up. In this simple ways, Gilbreth displays the essential of methodology in anything that we do. Doing the right method will lead us to efficiency and simplification of effort. Bottomline, I appreciated the effort and the knowledge of Gilbreth that was displayed in the movie. During that time the technology is very poor but with his effort and determination in searching for the best way, they prove that they can use the principles of

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