Cheaper by the Dozen Essay

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Mr. Gilbreth, a character and real life father in the book, Cheaper by the Dozen is a loving, caring father who was out of his mind at times, but no matter how crazy he got, he always loved his twelve children. Mr. Gilbreth was very organized, successful, and had a lot of self-assurance. Mr. Gilbreth used many techniques such as family roll calls, efficiency studies, foreign languages, infant learning, and astronomy to help his children knowledge grow. All of these things that Mr. Gilbreth taught his children will be explained and presented. Mr. Gilbreth had many different ways of running his household. For instance, he had his family do an assembly roll call. Mr. Gilbreth had the assembly roll call for many reasons, such as: when he returned from a trip and wanted to see everyone, when he had an announcement, when he was bored, when he wanted to introduce the family to a friend, when he wanted to see some excitement, and sometimes to see if he could beat the old time record. When the family members heard the whistle it meant they must stop what they were doing and find Dad or else their could be a major punishment. In the book it mentioned regimentation more than once. Regimentation is to put in order. Since Mr. Gilbreth had such a large family they needed to be in order. While the older children were growing up Mr. Gilbreth taught them regimentation, how to run the house, and to take care of the younger children. That way after Mr. Gilbreth’s death it would be easier on Mrs. Gilbreth. Mr. Gilbreth taught his children strange things such as, French, German, Morse Code and other things like that. But some things that he taught his children were useful, like, efficiency, working, and other things like that. Efficiency was a very big thing in the Gilbreth household! As the Gilbreth’s would say, “ To be efficient in their family was a virtue on a par with

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