Chceds3350 Unit 1 Assignment

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Cluster two section one /chceds316b assignment (lA015260) task 1 with reference to relevant policies and policies and procedures within your states education department , write a response to each scenario. Links to each states education departments is available in the online unit. scenario 1 answer/response: give printed received copy to parent , copy to keep in school record . Fill the information in each field on the form , get the parent to sign and date the form . Write the purpose of the money for example excursion money , give correct change , file the received in the correct filing system , follow the school policy and procedures for handling cash , put the cash in the safe or in box where it suppose to go . Scenario 2 answer/response: follow the school policy and procedures , explain why you cant give other student information to someone else because all informations are confidential and by doing that you will be breaking the school rolls , apologise for not being able to help them in that matter , if possible direct the inquire to senior staff member to handle it if the person insist of getting the information and is not in your power to act either way . Scenario 3 answer/ response: you apologise for not being able to help him straight away and ask if he can wait until you finish your task , tell him…show more content…
Code of conduct is written policy on a general range of behaviours including ethical conduct that is expected of individuals employed by an organisation(school) .the code of conduct will reflect the values of the dominant culture in relation to what might be expected of adults who are in the special position of caring for children e.g. fairness, respect ,integrity , honesty .information provided in trust must never be discussed outside of the school,confidential information is generally shared on a (need to know

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