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CHCCHILD401B I Practice Task 3: (Page 9) 1. Find out who sets your state or territory regulations or standards. NSW Early Childhood and Care Directorate, Department of Education and Communities. 2. How would you contact this organisation? Address: Locked Bag 5107 PARRAMATTA, NSW 2124 Website: Email: Phone: 1800 619 113 (toll free) Fax: (02) 8633 1810 Keep Them Safe Website: Mandatory Reporters Hotline: 133627 Assessment Activity 1: (Page 18) Part A: 1. What uncharacteristic behaviour or indicators did Marcus, or the child in your care, display that could be linked with abuse? Describe the behaviour or any indicators. - First time he has arrived crying (suggest he is over tired from a long night, which may be why his uncles breathe smells like alcohol) - Isolating himself from other children for the first time (suggests he is frightened of others now, or his is copying the behaviour that his uncle showed towards him. - Yelling at other children, suggests that he may have been treated that way (Verbal abuse from his uncle) 2. Which form/of abuse could this uncharacteristic behaviour or indicator be linked to? - Verbal: as the child began to yell at his class mates. - Emotional Harm: Coldness shown to his class mates, although it hasn’t been a long enough period of time to see the extent of emotional harm. - Neglect: Single mother who puts her child in a situation that may cause the child harm. 3. What open ended questions could you ask the child/Marcus to help determine if they were being harmed? - What did you get up to yesterday? - What’s making you feel like crying? - Does mummy or uncle know why you are upset? - Where is mummy today? 4. What circumstances (if any) were you aware of that made the child/Marcus vulnerable to abuse? - Having a
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