Chcac318B-Work Effectively with Older People .

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Course code & Title: Certificate III in Aged Care-CHC30208 Unit code & Title: CHCAC318B-WORK EFFECTIVELY WITH OLDER PEOPLE . Case Study- Resident Right. 1) Working for heavenly Bliss Aged care Facility, you are involved with admitting Mr.Ringo Starr to the facility. My starr is entering the facility enough since he has no family living nearby,and is no longer able to care for himself.He is,however,a little anxious that moving into the city will deprive him of his rights,and control over his life. Think about, and right,how you would explain to Mr.Starr that he is not going to loose either his rights or control over his own life by entering the aged care facility.Explain to him rights are protected and what recourse he has any concerns about these issues. Ans: Protection rights of people in aged care According to Aged care act 1997 and the user rights principles 1997 recognise that a person’s rights are not diminished when they move into a residential aged care facility and set out a number of user rights and related provider responsibilities including a charter of resident’s rights and responsibilities. According to this act care worker will explain to Mr Rinngo Starr about his rights. His rights includes * To live without discrimination * Right to personal privacy * Right to live safe, secure and home like environment * Right to full and effective use of his personal, civil, legal and consumer rights * Right to be treated with dignity and respect and to live without exploitation, abuse or neglect * Right to continue his religious or cultural practices * Right to maintain his social and personal life * Right to maintain their personal information private and confidential 2. Choose one of the following issues to use in conducting a media search: elder abuse; discrimination; racism; or euthanasia. Collect an

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