Chattanooga Ice Cream Division Essay

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Abstract Charles Moore (Charlie) is the Division President and General Manager of Chattanooga Ice Cream Division. Over the last four years, under Charlie’s leadership Chattanooga Ice Cream Division has experience flat sales and declining profits. While their competitors have increased their market share by creating more advanced products, Chattanooga has failed to keep its share in the market. Charlie has failed to develop an effective executive management team. Their dysfunctional behaviour of the executive management team has negatively impacted valuable corporate partnerships and important client relationships. (Sloane, 2003) Today, we write this paper to discuss Charlie and his executive management team. First, we will analyze where Charlie went wrong as a leader in terms of team management and decision-making. Second, we will discuss what the Chattanooga management team could do better to understand the perspectives of each other and their leader. Third, we will make specific recommendations about what Charlie`s next steps should be to help his team work together and resolve the conflict more effectively. Last but not least we will conclude with a summary of all key points that we have covered in this paper. Errors made by Charlie Team Management Charlie is a “Steady (S) Leader.” He prefers taking his time while making decisions and uses plenty of time to solve problems. He seeks solutions that meets everyone’s needs and is widely accepted. His leadership style is collaborative in nature and he values group efforts. He surely doesn’t enjoy competitive environments and initiating or managing change. (Goodman, 2008) According to Welch, “the team with the best players usually does win – this is why you need to invest the majority of your time and energy in developing your people”. (Welch, 2005) From the case it is obvious that the teamwork and

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