Chattanooga Ice Cream Essay

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The Ice Cream Division of Chattanooga Food Corporation had been declining sales for 5 years consecutively through 1996. In 1996, was the year that they lost their third largest customer, Stay&Shop. A major turnaround has to take place; however, the Ice Cream Division leadership was unsure how to accomplish this. Charlie Moore, grandson of the company founder, ran the company. Charlie, a very democratic leader, has major issues controlling and leading his team of vice presidents. The team was very dysfunctional because they did not trust each other, had open conflict that was often malicious and most unproductive, lack of commitment to work with each other, and avoidance of accountability. Moore must get his team on the same page and very quickly. Moore needs to make public the put away of Stay&Shop loss and let everyone on the team know that it is all of their responsibilities to get together and transform to a functional team to make sure not to lose another business. Moore is going to have to leverage this as an opportunity to build his team in a way that he can manage in a style suitable for him. Charlie Moore’s effectiveness as the leader of this team has been assessed. Charlie Moore has not proven himself to be an effective leader at all. Moore biggest mistake is assuming that the consensus-style of leadership and decision-making that worked in the magazine world would work in the ice cream manufacturing and sales. Moore comes from a process of group decision-making at his previous job at the magazine, whereas his new position is where employees made self-contained decisions, without consulting others much. All players in this case study seemed to be acting as managers, and attempting to do things right rather than zooming out to the big picture, being leaders and doing the right thing. Moore acts more as a manager and attempting to do things right but, more

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