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Mystery Book Project The mystery book I chose to read is called “Chasing Brooklyn” by “Lisa Schroeder”. I chose this book because when I had read the back of It, I couldn’t wait to solve the mystery of how the main character “Brooklyn” could try to solve how her boyfriend “Lucca” died. This story was about a young girl, who was about 16 years old. Her brother died, and nobody knows how. Then a couple of years later, her boyfriend Lucca died, and nobody knows how! Then Brooklyn is at home after school by herself. She gets a phone call from her best friend Kyra, and Kyra said that there friend “Gabe” killed himself with an overdose because of Lucca’s death. Brooklyn cannot breathe with the pain of all her friends dying around her, it’s just too much for her to handle. Nico cannot stop. He is always running, trying to escape the pain of his brother Lucca dying. But, when Lucca’s ghost begins leaving messages telling Nico to help Brooklyn, Brooklyn wonders why Lucca’s ghost isn’t just visiting her. I found Ideas of some clues. At first when Lucca died I thought his brother had to do something with his death because he was always running and I thought he was running from guilt. But it turns out he wasn’t a suspect. One of the clues I found was that every time someone dies, it was always a boy never a girl, and also they are all friends with Brooklyn, and it’s not just a coincidence. It turns out Lucca was not murdered he just got very sick and died but nobody knew he was sick. Brooklyn’s brother was just another mystery that wasn’t cracked. What I would do to make this story even better is, I would probably put more detail into what Lucca had to get sick. I would also put how her brother died and make that a case in court. I would rewrite it this way so it would be more interesting to the readers. I would recommend this

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