Chasing a Dream Essay

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Chasing a Dream Douglas Barrientos Critical Thinking & Prop-Solving April, 2014 Sonja Sheppard DeVry University Chasing the Dream This paper is going to be about a couple of things, leadership traits, the leader I’ve chosen and my field of study. To start off, the leader I have chosen goes by the name of Danielle Berry Bunten. Danielle is a transgender game designer, whose video games influenced many across the programming/designing world. Finally, the chosen field I decided to pursue is Multimedia & Game design and programming. I chose to become a designer & programmer because it gives me an opportunity to gain more knowledge and possibly help in all aspects, I will have the skills and abilities, and with many opportunities to growing this field. When it comes to programming or designing, no matter what life throws your way, you have to keep going, because even if the product isn’t as successful as you thought, it can or may have an impact on the world (gaming, programming, and designing). When in the field of designing and programming, there’s always room to learn more from what you already know. Especially with technology changing all the time, more study and learning opportunities come. With that being said, with the skills I get from my school I can help in all aspects by introducing my knowledge to others and possibly help change technology all together. Helping others can also help me. With the skills and abilities I get while in school I can take into my field after. During my years in DeVry I will gain skills that can contribute in my success throughout my future, and possibly bring success to another. In the field of Multimedia Artist & Animator, I believe there are many opportunities to grow. According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), “Multimedia artists and animators create animation and visual effects for television,

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