Chas Mcgill a Boy to Like but Not to Trust

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‘Chas McGill’ a boy to like, but not to trust. Chas McGill is the main character in the book ‘The Machine Gunners’ by Robert Westall. Chas McGill is a normal boy at Garmouth High School. Garmouth is a made up town that is based near Newcastle, in Tyneside. He lives in the time of World War 2 and he likes to collect, what he calls, ‘War Souvenirs’ which consist of, maybe, pieces of aluminium, a bomb’s tailfin, a nose cone, etc. His father, Mr McGill, has been forced to work as an Air Raid Precautions (ARP) Warden. His mother, Mrs McGill, stays at home. As well as looking after themselves, they need to also protect Chas. Chas has to do his part in growing up a bit in order to take care of himself as he is now in a more dangerous environment. Then one day, everything changes when a German bomber plummets down onto Garmouth’s old laundrette. Chas goes to investigate the crash, hoping to find more souvenirs. In the process, he comes across the German Bomber, with a dead German pilot inside, and the machine gun... still mounted. Chas had currently, the second best war souvenir collection in the whole of Garmouth. He was second to Boddser Brown. Boddser also went to Garmouth High School, he was a bully there and he didn’t like Chas. This machine gun would surely change things. In search of the missing piece of weaponry, Chas’ teacher, Mr Stan Liddell, who doubles his nights as a captain in the Garmouth Home Guard, eagerly attempts to find the ‘taker’. Chas, however, with his cunning plans, manages to direct the blame towards Boddser Brown, with an essay on war souvenirs. ‘Chas McGill’ a boy to like, but not to trust. Chas shows, in points of the book, that he holds a strong relationship between himself and his Nana and Granda. An example of this is when his grandparents’ house gets hit, the book says that Chas ‘feels his stomach

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