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When did the Balis first appear on the scene of life is not readily discernible but there are indications that their kiths lived in formidable number in Mullan. before the dawn of the Christian era. From there they migrated to West Rajasthan, Sind and Gujarat. A brahmin community known as Mohel, originating from Mullan, has ruled over Bikaner. Multan was famous for its Sun Temple and in those days. its improtance ranked with that of the holy city of Mathura. According to Tod, Multan is a corrupt form of the name Mohel-sthan. The ancestors of Balis, under the pseudonyms of Bala, Kathi and Raos (of Thatta) fought a savage war with Alexander the Great near Multan in 326 Be. They decimated his army and killed his ace generals. In one of the encounters, Alexander himself was struck by a powerful one metre long arrow which pierced his coat of arms and was lodged in his chest. He carried its scar till the time he returned 10 Macedonia and on the way died at Babylon, at the age of 32 (due to a liver infection, resulting from bouts of drinking and hectic travelling of over 18,000 kms in 8 yesrs). Bottomline: Alexander stormed into India in May 326 BC and left India in Sept. 325 BC. Whether he conquered the whole world or not, he was no doubt a global phenomenon. He was born in Macedonia (Europe) in 356 BC, died at Babylon (Iraq) in June 323 BC in Asia, and he was cremated at Alexandria (Africa). He had resolved to make Babylon as his world capital. In Rajasthan, a town by the name of Bally still exists with the relics of a fort, on the road from Falna to the famous Jain temple of Rainikpur. A community of people by the name of Bala is believed to have ruled in Rajasthan in the ancient times. They had probably migrated from Vallabhipur in the neighbouring Gujarat State. The Balis\' Gujarat connection is distinctly established in Letter No. 19 of the R IIqaat-e-Alamgiri,

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