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Charter Schools Vs Public Schools Essay

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Katheleen Flores
Period 6
April 25, 2012

There has been a lot of tension between charter schools and public schools for a while now. The huge question of which one is better and more beneficial in our society.   Charter schools and public schools have some things that different such as sources of funding, salaries of teacher sand administration, resources, learning environment, college prep, and how much money being spent per student. All of these factors contribute to the reasons why some results are different than other schools.

Funding sources for charter schools are received through two blocks grants named the general purposes block grants, which are based on states averages per grade level and the categorical block grant, funding in lieu of other state categorical programs. For the general purpose block grant there is a limit by grade level based on the state average district revenue. All charters receive the same rate per grade level. The funding is allocated based on average daily attendance (ADA). The categorical block grant is based on ADA, covers 25 state funded programs and can be used as unrestricted funding “in lieu” of participation in specified programs.   Charter schools may choose between two funding methods, one being direct funded charter schools, which are deemed an LEA (Local Educational Agency) so that state funding goes directly to the charter school. The second option is locally funded charter schools that apply and receive their funding from the sponsoring district.

Two major funding sources for public schools are state aid and revenue generated from local property taxes. State and federal categorical programs are restricted by the state or federal governments on how they can be distributed and used by the schools. Contracts and excellence funds come from the state as a result of their commitment to increase funding to New York City. The department’s $19.2 billion operating budget includes funding for principals,...

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