Charmer vs Gospel of Luke

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There are many ways to compare the similarities between “The Charmer” and “The Gospel of Luke”. The short story “The Charmer” and the parable from the “Gospel of Luke” revolve around greed and the ability to take advantage of others. Each involved a son who did not treat their family very well and showed a great deal of disrespect. Both of the sons were very demanding and also knew how to charm their way out of a difficult situation without facing any discipline. They knew by acting this way, they would never face any consequences and would be treated like they had done nothing wrong. Both Zachary and the son from the “Gospel of Luke” were very greedy people. They both thought that everyone should do things for them but they did not want to give them anything in return. Zachary always partied and could not hold down a job while the son from the “Gospel of Luke” demanded that his father should give him his inheritance. Both boys were loved by their families so much that it did not matter what they did or how they behaved. They knew there was never any punishment and that their parents would easily forgive them. Zachary shows greed many times throughout the story but the one case that stood out the most was when Zachary would not take the time to go to the hospital to see his little sister, Lizzie, who was dying of cancer. He said he did not have time for that and decided to do his own things. When his mother told him he should go visit her, he replied in a very ignorant manner, “I can handle my own life. I don’t need you telling me what to do” (Wilson 104). This showed a lot about Zachary’s personality. He could have given up some of his spare time to go see his sister but instead he was greedy about it and made a selfish, child-like decision. The son in the “Gospel of Luke” showed greed when he demanded that his father give him his inheritance and
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