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Charmaine was born on the reservation in Tuba City, AZ. Charmaine is full blooded Native American, and to be exact she’s Navajo. She came from a big family that is spread all over the Navajo nation and even some in Utah. As Charmaine was growing up, her parents, brothers and herself moved to a small town, it was a very cultural town. That’s where she grew up most of her lives. She has really long beautiful black and brown hair that’s pretty much down pass her back, maybe even further down. Charmaine is a little bit taller than 5”3 almost 5”4, with a light skin color. For the first time you meet her you couldn’t understand her because she is one of the shyest girl you’ll ever met but once you see her around or even talk to her, she starts to warm up to you. Once you began to talk more to her you would wonder what happen to that shy person, now this outstanding, funny girl and even more talkative. That’s when you know she’s comfortable to be around you and she opens up to say whatever.…show more content…
She spends most of the days with her brothers; well that’s who she grew up with but mainly their time is spent is at the arena, practicing for rodeos. On days she’s not at the arena preparing for rodeos, she’s at the softball field getting better at pitching or she’s at the basketball gym doing drills. Charmaine always has to be doing something just to keep her busy. When it comes to education she pushes herself to the next level, getting everything done a day before its due, just trying to become better a person not only for her but for her family. She graduated in the top three out of her class, with many awards to continue her education. Charmaine has truly inspired me to become a better person and helped me achieve more goals that I could possible get, she’s not just my friend, my cousin, nor my aunt but someone that can I look up to. I have taken the confidence she inspired in me throughout my

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