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Charlottes Web Character Analysis

  • Submitted by: chartwellhouse
  • on April 29, 2014
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White, E.B. Charlotte's Web. New York: Harper and Row Publishers Inc., 1952.
Griffith, John. Charlotte's Web: A Pig's Salvation. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1993.

Actions: In Charlottes' Web, Templeton, creeps up cautiously to the goslings, keeping close to the wall. Later he grins when Wilbur falls trying to spin a web. At the fair he bites Wilbur's tail as hard as he possibly can. His actions portray him as sneaky, ill-tempered, and pleased at others' discomfort.
Speech: In Charlottes' Web,Templeton after Wilbur asks him to play, frolic or have fun. Replies, "...I never do those things if I can avoid them... I prefer to spend my time eating, gnawing, spying, and hiding... I am a glutton not a merry-maker. Right now I am on my way to your trough to eat your breakfast, since you haven't got sense enough to eat it yourself"
Appearance: In Charlottes' Web ,Templeton after his night at the fair returns swollen to double his usual size. He agrees to fetch the egg sac so that he may eat first every day and grow fatter and bigger than any other known rat.
Other character's comments: Other characters' comments help form judgment of the characters by supporting other characters' actions speech, appearance, and author's comments.
Author's comments: The wording the author uses in the narrative adds to characterization. In Charlottes' Web, White describes Templeton ...had no morals, no conscience, no scruples, no consideration, no decency, no milk of rodent kindness, no compunction, no higher feeling, no friendliness, no anything. He would kill a gosling if he could get away with it. These statements certainly develop character.

Templeton is the rat that lives under Wilbur's trough. Before Wilbur meets Charlotte, he passes his time talking to Templeton and although it is 'not the most interesting occupation in the world it [is] better than nothing.'
Templeton describes himself as 'a glutton but not a merrymaker'. Crafty and selfish, he collects and...

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