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Charlottes Web Essay

  • Submitted by: pidge46
  • on September 30, 2012
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Charlotte’s   Web

  Charlotte’s Web is an excellent book for children. It all starts in a small town with ordinary people and ordinary animals. That changes when two animals become best friends. Charlotte, a spider, promises her friend Wilbur, a pig, that she will save his life and let him see the snows of winter.
Fern Arable catches her father going to the barn with an ax to kill a runt pig. Fern pleads, “Would you kill me if I was born small?” Fern has saved Wilbur and hopes to raise him herself. However, Wilbur was growing and Fern’s parents are worried about been having a 300 pound pet around the house. Then Mrs. Arable had a great idea. Fern sold Wilbur to her Uncle Homer and then she could go visit him all the time. She saw Wilbur every morning before she went to school and at night before she went to bed. As time passed Fern visited less often and Wilbur became lonely.
Therefore, Wilbur started asking all the animals in the barn to play. He asked the goose, the gander, the sheep, the lambs, and Templeton. Templeton was the sleazy, nasty rat who caused a lot of trouble. They were all rude with their refusals. Then one night as Wilbur could not sleep he heard a small light voice that said, “Do you want a friend Wilbur, I have watched you all day, and I like you.” Wilbur could not see the stranger and he was not going to deny a new friend. However, it was the next morning that he met his new friend, Charlotte, a spider who would change his life forever.
Then one day as Wilbur and Templeton were having a conversation, the oldest sheep interrupted and said that Wilbur would be cured. Wilbur was not ill. The sheep meant Wilbur would be cooked into pork, bacon, and ham. Wilbur began to fret and worry about his life ending. Charlotte was able to calm him down and promised that she would do everything in her power to stop Wilbur from dying. That is when Charlotte came up with the brilliant idea of weaving a slogan in her web to save Wilbur’s life....

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