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Charlotte's Web Review

  • Submitted by: she504
  • on December 11, 2012
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Wilbur is pig.   Wilbur was young when he had to move away from his home. Fern visits Wilbur every day though.   Everyone disagreed to play with Wilbur.   Wilbur has been getting more depressed every day.   One day when Wilbur was crying, he heard someone talking to him.   It was someone who was small and respectful, Charlotte, a new friend.

Charlotte is a spider.   Charlotte became Wilbur’s best friend.   She spun webs that have actual words on them to send messages to the humans.   Charlotte taught how she ate to Wilbur, but Wilbur thought it was disgusting.   Wilbur was always asking Charlotte to sing him a la-la bye or a story to make him fall asleep.

Fern was the owner and the person who raised Wilbur for two months.   She was the person that saved Wilbur from getting killed because he was a runt, and Mr. Arable thought runt pigs were a lack of time and they cause trouble.   Fern treated Wilbur as if it was her own infant. She even walked him in a stroller with her baby doll.   One day Mr. Arable made Fern sell Wilbur to his uncle Zuckerman and aunt Zuckerman (Mr. Zuckerman and Mrs. Zuckerman) for six dollars. Wilbur lived in the barn with a manure pile to live in.


Wilbur was at Mr. Zuckerman’s barn for most of the story.   Wilbur lived in the cellar in the barn on top of the manure pile.   The story took place in the summer. Charlotte lived on the northwest part of the entrance with her web. Templeton, the rat, lived in a hole going into the ground under Wilbur’s food pail.


My favorite part was when Charlotte wrote letters in her web.   Charlotte wrote random words that she saw for Wilbur. All the humans were surprised of the writings.   Wilbur has been getting popular for the writings and the Zuckerman’s too.   Then Charlotte made another web for Wilbur and everyone was thinking Wilbur is fantastic!

My second favorite part is when Wilbur was trying to escape. Goose told...

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