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Charlotte's Web Essay

  • Submitted by: skingsley
  • on December 19, 2011
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Charlotte’s Web

The story of Charlotte’s Web touches upon many different emotions grabbing the attention of its readers on so many different levels.   Charlotte’s Web symbolizes the true meaning of life and why we work together as a team. Reading about how all of these animals work together to save their friends life is overwhelmingly passionate.   The world is what it is because of each and every living organism working together to make it function.  
Fern catches word that her father is going to kill a pig because it is the runt of the litter and will eventually be more of a hassle than of any good.   Fern cannot believe that her father would do such a thing.   She grabs her father and says, “But it’s unfair, the pig couldn’t help being born small, could it?   If I had been very small at birth, would you have killed me?”(3)   I find this statement to be a very strong quote from the book because it is showing the innocence of a child who cannot understand that because something is so small you would kill it.   She is trying to rationalize with her father, which ties in with Piaget’s Cognitive Theory of Development the period of concrete operations.
To love and to be loved we witness with both Fern and Wilbur’s relationship as well as with Charlotte’s and Wilbur’s.   Fern and Wilbur’s relationship fall into the Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory trust versus mistrust where as Charlotte and Wilbur’s I would consider being initiative versus guilt.   I chose these stages because when the story first starts out we see Fern mothering and protecting Wilbur and he trusts her and with Charlotte and Wilbur we see a friendship and a bond growing on both sides.   Charlotte and Wilbur look out for one another.  
Templeton I would use as an example for the topic of physical wellbeing.   This rat is all about his own physical well being right up until the end of the story when we see a different side of Templeton for a quick second.   He helps save Charlotte’s egg sac but...

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