Charlotte Perkins Essay

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Part I: Background Check 1. Who was Charlotte Perkins Gilman? Charlotte Perkins Gilman was an American author, lecturer, feminist, and social reformer. She was born on July3, 1860 in Hartford, Connecticut and died in 1935. She was a woman who thought that woman and man should be treated with equality and just as a man can do one thing a women can do it also. She believed that a woman doesn’t always need a man to support them because they can support and take good care of themselves. 2. Which of her writings is considered her most famous work? Her writing that’s considered to be her most famous work is Women and Economics. 3. What year was "The Yellow Wallpaper" written? “The Yellow Wallpaper” was writing in the year 1892. 4. What years did Gilman's writing career span? During 1891-1935 Charlotte Perkins Gilman career span. 5. What do most critics suggest "The Yellow Wallpaper" is about? “The Yellow Wallpaper” is about women in society and their changing role into womanhood. 6. What does the title mean? The title represents the whole story where as the title represent where she’s locked up in the top room and has to see that same yellow wallpaper. The title represents society and how things work and how some things are put in different categories because they are different. Like some people have to suppress their desire to be or do something because they following the rules of society. 7. What type of environment is the narrator in? The narrator is in an environment where she’s imprison, the summer rental house and the society in which she lives in. 8. How does the narrator's writing change as the story evolves? The narrator’s writing change as the story evolves to a more gothic deteriorating
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