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There was a lot of tragedy in the life of Charlotte Bronte. Charlotte was only five years old when her mother died in 1821. Four years later two of her older sisters died. She had three other siblings - Patrick,– Emily, Ann. Charlotte outlived all of her siblings and died at the early age of 39, in 1855. The fact that the three Bronte sisters are acknowledged as being among the greatest novelists in the English language is remarkable when you consider their short lives. _ In 1824 Charlotte, and three of her sisters, was sent to the Clergy Daughters' School at Cowan Bridge. Conditions at the school were awful and after two of her sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, died Charlotte and Emily were brought home. For the next six years, the four surviving children, were left to look after themselves. They spent time telling and writing stories about fantasy worlds they had created.Charlottes dad decided that Charlotte should continue her education and was sent to a school and This time she was treated well. _ Charlotte Bronte wrote a novel titled Jane Eyre because it compared to her life in some ways, such as attending a boarding school. Another reason why Bronte wrote Jane Eyre is because she wanted to create a book the showed that women were also thinkers, because during the time period that Bronte lived in women were not considered to be thinkers only just very emotional and good for being a wife or teacher. Bronte shows another side of women in Jane Eyre. Overall, the main reason why Bronte wrote Jane Eyre was to go against the traditional story of women falling in love, and she shows a woman who falls in love but doesn't put love first. The novel immediately became famous. She published two more novels after publishing Jane Eyre in Shirley and Villette. -- Charlottes death is still a mystery. She was pregnant when she died. Many different theories were told.

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