Charlie Hustle: Banned for Life Essay

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Running Head: PETE ROSE1 Charlie Hustle: Banned for Life Brian Pennington Ivy Tech Community College Professor Parrish 11/21/2014 PETE ROSE2 Charlie Hustle: Banned for Life Baseball: America's pastime. Baseball is probably the oldest sport in America. There is no equivalent in going to watch a baseball game. The smell of the fresh cut grass, watching the players take batting practice, and of course some Cracker Jacks. Taking off your hat for the National Anthem, cheering for the home team, and even singing along with the 7th inning stretch are some examples of what makes baseball a great game. Unfortunately, the game has been scarred by scandals since its inception. In 1919, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and the Chicago White Sox were all investigated for fixing the World Series that year. Even though they were all acquitted, they were still banned after the 1920 season. Since then many players have had their reputations tarnished by on-and-off- the field scandals. There may be no bigger story than that of Pete Rose. The official statement claims, “ Pete Rose, who was banned from baseball by Commissioner Bartlett Giamantti in 1989 after federal prosecutor John Dowd uncovered evidence the Cincinnati Reds player-turned-manager bet on baseball”. (Skretta, 2005, pg. 3) Even though he had gambled on baseball games, when he was a manager for the Cincinnati Reds which is a felony, Pete Rose has served his time and should be allowed in the Hall of Fame. There is technically no evidence he ever bet on his own team and, as a player, he was a 17 time All- Star, Won three World Series rings, and is the All-Time hits leader in Major League Baseball. If you ask a Cincinnati Reds fans who their favorite player is, I would venture to say that 75% of them would say Pete Rose. He was a guy that every

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