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Surname Instructor Course Date Charlie Chaplin; The Prominent comedian Introduction During the silent era, films had did not have harmonized recorded sound and also spoken dialogue. The dialogue was through use of signals, mime and title cards. There were a lot of technical problems that resulted from trying to coordinate motion pictures with recorded sound and this is why during the silent era (1894–1929) most films remained “silent” until the late 1920s when the first film was released with sound and it became the order of the day until now. The advantage of the silent films is that they provided inexpensive entertainment and also overcame the verbal barriers for immigrants who had had just migrated to America in the early 1920s. One of the most prominent film stars during the silent era was Charlie Chaplin, who was born on 16 April, 1889 in London, England as Charles Spencer Chaplin; he died on the 25th December 1977 as a result of natural reasons. He was born from a very humble family, and his parents were also involved in the entertainment industry and this is why he started of his career at the tender age. During his American tour, he was spotted by Mark Sennet, who was a famous comedy director. He had two half-brothers who were also film actors; Sydney Chaplin and Wheeler Dryden and was the husband to Mildred Harris, who he divorced in 1920 and got married again to an actresses Lita Grey with whom had two sons; Gray and they were Sydney Chaplin and Charles Chaplin Jr. In 1928, he divorced Lita Gray and got married to Paulette Goddard in 1936 and divorced her in 1942. In 1943, he married Oona O’Neil with whom he had two daughters; Geraldine Chaplin, who is an actress, Victoria Chaplin and two sons; Michael Chaplin, Christopher. Chaplin began his career in 1914 for Mack Sennet at the

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