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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Essay

  • Submitted by: salawson
  • on April 24, 2014
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The movies Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are similar, but different   when it comes to the actor, the storyline, and the Oompa-Loompas.   Although Mel Stuart directed the 1971 version Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was directed by Tim Burton in 2005, both movies center around a chocolate factory.  
In the older version Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Willie Wonka is played by Gene Wilder.   In this movie Willie has an eccentric but carefree attitude. He is very welcoming, wanting to know who each child is and the relative that has accompanied them.   In the end he is welcoming of Charlie’s family living at the factory, he expects it.   Willie continues with this attitude until one of the children acts up and when they do he never seems to be surprised by it; almost as if he had expected it.   This is portrayed by him quietly admonishing the child not to do what they are doing however, he never tries to actually stop them.   They are allowed to continue on their destructive path.  
In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Willie Wonka is played by Johnny Depp.   In this movie Willie has an unwelcoming, standoffish attitude.   He doesn’t want to know the children’s name or the name of the relative that is accompanying them; Willie does not want to give the children the chance to ask questions and avoids interacting with them.   He doesn’t want Charlie’s family to live at the factory; this shows how much Willie doesn’t value family values.   When a child acts up he is shocked, appalled that they are doing it.   Willie does try to stop them before anything happens however, when something does happen he seems mesmerized by it.
In Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory the storyline tells of a secret lot, hatched by Wonka, to test the kids on whether or not they would betray him. As each kid won a golden ticket the viewer sees a man whispering to them but what he says is unknown...

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