Charleys Family Steak House

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CHARLEY’S FAMILY STEAK HOUSE (B) “I guess I’ll just have to find out if I can still cook like I used to,” thought Alex Pearson, manager of Charley’s Family Steak House No. 2, as he hung up the telephone. One of his cooks had just called in sick, one was in the hospital, and the other two were on vacation. He wasn’t too concerned, however, because the first two weeks in January were typically not very busy. Many of his steady customers made annual New Year’s resolutions about losing weight, and it usually took at least a week for them to resume their former eating habits. Pearson’s only real concern that morning was how Charley Turner, the owner of the steak house, would assess his performance now that he had completed his first full year as manager. Unit No. 2 was one of four Charley’s Family Steak Houses owned by Turner. Pearson had been promoted from assistant manager to manager of the restaurant in September 2007 after the previous manager was caught falsifying the weekly financial reports that were submitted to Turner. Pearson had previously worked as a cook at Unit No. 1 and as assistant manager of Unit No. 4. He was moved to Unit No. 2 in June 2007 because Charley Turner had serious concerns about the manner in which that restaurant was being managed. Unlike the other three restaurants, Unit No. 2 was located next to a small shopping center and close to a large office complex. In July 2008, a 100-room economy motel with a pool but no restaurant opened within easy walking distance of the steak house. Except for a sandwich shop and pizza place located in the shopping center, there were no other eating establishments within about one mile of Unit No. 2. Charley Turner considered it to be an excellent location. In September 2008, Pearson developed an express service innovation at Unit No. 2 for frequent lunchtime customers who didn’t have muchtime to eat. It

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