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Afraid to Fearless Soldiers Heart By: Gary Paulson Charley Goddard, the main character in the book Soldiers Heart by Gary Paulson, changed drastically throughout the four battles Bull Run, second battle, third battle, and finally Gettysburg. Here is how Charley Goddard changed from before the battles and throughout them. Before war, Charley Goddard was just a fifteen year old, country boy. Charley thought war would be quick and easy and done by fall. He also thought it would make him a man since he would have a gun. Charley is excited to go to war, but he has no idea what is to come in the future. Once Charley got to war, he had to train for several months. After his training, he went to Bull Run in Manasses for the beginning of a bloody battle. When the battle started, Charley could not believe what he was seeing. He was scared and knew he could not leave. Charley realized that it was not what he thought it was going to be like. Once the battle at Bull Run was over, Charley could not stop puking. He just could not take it. In the beginning, he was well and fine before war and is no so sick, he cannot stop trowing up. At the second battle, he did not think that he would make it. Charley thought he was going to die. Before the second battle, he met a new soldier who was about the same age as…show more content…
He just goes full force and kills everything and everyone in his path. Charley is just in the two bodies of men that collide. Charley is hacking and swinging at everyone in his path until he gets hit. "Then hit again. He spins and gets knocked down." As you can tell, Charley is a brave young man who changed incredibly throughout the four battles. He is a real person who served in war. In the beginning he thought this was all going to be easy until he had the experienced battle. Then at the end he was fearless until he got

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