Charles Manson Thesis Statement

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Charles Manson Essay As Charles Manson speaks in the videos about his life, you can see that his childhood life still haunts him to this day. As Manson speaks of visiting his mother while she was in prison, you can see the impact and pain of it all through his eyes that he still carries within him. I believe that Charles was stripped of his own identity the moment he was born due to the life he was given in his younger years by his mother. Charles Manson was actually born while his mother was in prison. His mother did prison time for Strong Armed Robbery and Manson had an uncle who also committed crimes in which he was subjected to and aware of at a very young age. The absent and rejection of his mother over the years affected him profoundly.…show more content…
He offered what he thought was the most beautiful ladies and the most enticing. Over time Manson had gained the one thing he had wanted all of his life, a family. He and his family would move around a lot which allowed him to be able to maintain more and more control over his family. He would encourage them to let time just disappear, to live in the “now” moment. He would encourage them to be someone different every day. Play a different “role” to become more “out of themselves”, “losing one’s self” and wrapping themselves up with Charles Manson and his views. In doing this he was slowly erasing each person’s identity and reprogramming them to the identity he wished them to have. It reached a point where whatever Charles believed his followers/family would believe. His control and power began to grow more and more and deeper over his family/followers. Over time it was as if they had all become “One” Charles Manson and his followers had become that family unit he had look for through the years. Manson would play games during the day with his members that would have them mirroring Charles. Charles also used drugs to help keep control. He always managed to be the focal point during the “high rides” which helped him to entrap these people. Keeping everyone high on drugs helped him to be able to handle them in a different mindset and it allowed the members of his family to open their minds more to the things he told them and the things he believed in. He would tell them he would die for them and then asked if they would die for him. This was all a part of his entrapment and conditioning of these people to his will. He slowly was stripping their identity that they knew away from them and got them to bend to his will. In doing all this he would also promise a salvation to each of them. He preached there was no right or wrong, and that life and death was really the same thing and death was a welcome step

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