Charles Dickens An Advocate For Children

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THAI NGUYEN UNIVERSITY FOREIGN LANGUAGE FACULTY [pic] CHARLES DICKENS AN ADVOCATE FOR CHILDREN CALLING SOCIETY TO RESPONSIBILITY ( Student’s name: Nguyen Thi Thu Hang Class: English Language K31B Teacher: Nadia Andrillenas ABSTRACT Like many other works at the same period of time, the novel Oliver Twist faithfully reflects the social reality in 1830s England. In addition, under the pen of Charles Dickens, the greatest critical realist in the 19th century English literature, the problem of orphans and the social responsibility for orphaned children emerge as a worrying issue. Thai Nguyen, November 2010 I. INTRODUCTION 1. Rationale Cyril Connolly – an English writer - said that “literature is the art of writing something that will be read twice”. I have realized the meaning of this quotation in Charles Dickens’s novels. Unlike W.M. Thackeray, with lightly critical works focusing on the corruption of the English upper class in the 19th century, Dickens’s novels sharply criticize the ruling class; however, this writer always makes humanity rooms for the poor and working class. Of all the writers in the 19th century, Charles Dickens seems to be the best-known name for works about children issue. Nowhere in the English literature at that time, were the problem of children and the reality of the society successfully combined as in Dickens’s novels. In order to have a full understanding of children issue, as well as the English society in the 19th century, therefore, it is worth studying Charles Dickens’s novels, especially Oliver Twist, one of his most successful works in this topic. With the reasons above, this research is going to investigate the problem of English children in the 19th century, the social responsibility for children, and the great love of Dickens for them. 2. Aims and Objectives 2.1 Aims The aim of this research is to present
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