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Review about an author Charles Dickens It can be said that Charles Dickens is a writer for children because his heart always directed toward the children whom he raised his voice to protect. In his works, Dickens spent much ink to write about the children and they appeared with different fates, characteristics but all of us can realize that the author sent his love through the image of children. Charles Dickens did many ways to do this job by using expressive words or created a happy ending for children with the hope that the children will be lived in happiness. Sometimes he wrote about unlucky children whose died when they were very young. Behind their death, Dickens criticized the society and desired to change the attitude of people to children so that the children could be received love and care from adult. Especially, Oliver Twist and David Copperfield are the works which the fate of children were expressed in different colors and angles. Charles Dickens concentrated his pen on all children from the children who had to experienced hardship in their childhood, the children who were criminalized to those had unfortunate lives. Both principle characters and supporting roles were exploited thoroughly to emerge lives of children in 19th century. Dickens vigorous attacks the Poor Laws of 1834, showing the resulting brutal treatment of the poor. The workhouse system was designed to save money by making the children live in starvation and work hard, the authorities intended to make hard work outside the workhouse seem like a better choice and thus prevent able-bodied from coming into the workhouse. By lessening the number of people who took pubic assistance, the authorities could save the great deal of money. However, they went too far in their emphasis on money over humaneness, as Dickens showed. In addition, the author mentioned to the problem

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