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Interpretation of the text 1. Dombey and son by Charles Dickens. I have read the extract which is taken from Charles Dickens’s Dombey and son. The writer is incomparable in creating the atmosphere and the mood. The work evokes sad thoughts and feelings. The diction is not simple or hackneyed, but labored with linguistic devices. Such lexical and thematic groups, as a house (windows, doors, ceiling, cellar and etc.) and a funeral (winding-sheets, vault, death and etc.), are used by the author. Epithets as, crooked-eyed (doors), gaunt (trees), frowned (cellars) contribute to create eating the gloomy atmosphere of the outside of the house. The color adjectives as dark, grey and black add sad emotions to us. Also epithet dismal is repeated four times to accentuate gloomy mood of the text. The visual picture of two gaunt trees was created by epithets blackened and (trunks and branches) smoke-dried (leaves). And the audial picture is created by onomatopoeia of words rattled rather than rustled, when we read aloud we can heard the echo of the letter «r». The repetitive employment of Passive Voice shows that all in this house were not leaded and controled by owners, all things lived their own life. When the author described inside of house, he chose words which create macabre and sinister atmosphere. He compared the luster with a monstrous tear, furniture was papered with winding-sheets, journals and newspapers were with pictures and headlines about death and the picture of buried lady was awful, because of atmosphere. The mildewed remains of straw are a symbol of emptiness and desolation. The author used the elements of personification. The doors, windows of cellars, ceiling have the eyes like a man and they leer and frown. Effect, that the house felt sad and had gloomy mood, is produced by the personification. The text is full of details which add to the sinister

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