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Leroy Walker Professor Davis English 1102 5 April 2012 Charles Dickens Charles John Huffam Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 at Landport, England near Portsmouth. John Dickens was his father and he was a clerk in the navy. They transferred to Chatham in 1816 then went to London in 1821 were Charles’s whole family was arrested and sent to Marshal sea prison. Still a boy, Charles was sent to work in a blacking factory where he labeled blacking bottles with six other boys. Charles worked all day in that tedious work and was left alone at night. After work, Charles had to walk four miles to his bedroom in Camden Town. It was said that Charles experienced a “deep sense of abandonment” and this unfortunate event effected his literary work’s emotions and creativity. Finally Charles’ father was released from prison and Charles was sent back to school. For three or four years Charles was sent to an academy on Hampstead road then worked as an office boy for a solicitor. Then his father got a job as a reporter for the Morning Herald. Charles liked this and wanted to pursue the profession of a journalist. So young Charles taught himself shorthand and visited the British museum daily. Later Charles became a reporter of debates for the Morning chronicle. Then in 1835 Charles got full employment as a London Journalist and was sent around the country for his work. To increase his salary, Charles acted as a journalist for the Morning Chronicle and submitted everything under the name ‘Boz’. Charles later married Catherine. She was the daughter of his good friend George Hogarth who was the editor of the Evening Chronicle. Charles and Catherine together had seven sons and three daughters and three of them preceded him in death. Charles later divorced Catherine in 1858. Then for the rest of Charles life, he dedicated his self to his writings and created a good number of

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