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Charles Dickens used a lot of description throughout his novel, Tale of Two Cities. He used a specific technique to create a mood which allowed his readers feel the emotions of the characters and to better understand the situation of France and England at the time. There are many examples in the novel where Charles Dickens used description to set the mood but there are three specific ones that are easily noticed and prominently stand out. The first example of this technique is located within the first four chapters of the first book where Charles Dickens sets up an ominous a dark mood as Mr. Lorry travels in a coach. One can easily notice that Charles Dickens gives England a very trite and boring introduction and a gloomy appearance. In the very first chapter, for example, he describes the affairs of the English at the time which include: worries of religious prophecies, King George III, paranormal phenomena, and the return letters of British citizens living in America. While then he goes on to boast of France and the excessive violence which was occurring there at the time, he writes of death, and the love of the guillotine. The second example of this technique is when Charles Dickens personified hunger in the fifth chapter of the first book. He used a series of repetitive lines and basic sentences to enable the reader to understand the desperation of the French people. He successfully showed just how poor these people were, just how desolate they were. They had no food and the realization that the kind of lifestyle in which they were forced to live would never change, not for them or for their children. With every step they took, every day of work, every time they woke up in the morning they were reminded of their hunger and of their poverty-stricken lives. A third and final example of when Charles Dickens used the technique of description to set the

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