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Charles Dickens Research Essay Charles Dickens, the well known author was born in Portsmouth England on February 7th 1812. He was a part of a middle class family and the second of eight siblings. To cut expenses his family moved to a smaller home in Chanthan at around the time he was four months because his family got too large. Mary Weller was an early influence on Charles since she was hired to care for all the Dickens children. At the age of twelve Charles’s mother took him out of school so he could work while his father was in jail for failure to pay debt. Working at a shoe-polish factory, instead of being the kid to grow up and become the intelligent young man he had dreamed of being took its toll on Charles. After a period of time Charles did go back to school. At fifteen he dropped out and resented his mother for it. (Dickens NG) Charles met Catherine Hogarth in 1834, became engaged in 1835 and were happily married in April of 1836. The first of their ten children were born in January of 1837. For a few years of their marriage they were happy. Charles and Catherine began traveling to places such as Scotland and America. In the middle of the marriage Catherine began to feel like she was carrying a load when it came to the ten children and maintaining being the wife of a famous man. Georgina was Catherine sister who stepped in to help; she eventually ran the Dickens household. Charles was pushing further and further away from his wife. Dickens' life with Catherine seemed even more insufferable after meeting up with his former girlfriend, Maria Beadnell. Dickens wrote to his friend John Forster, "Poor Catherine and I are not made for each other, and there is no help for it. It is not only that she makes me uneasy and unhappy, but that I make her so too---and much more so." In 1857 Charles and Catherine took separate bedrooms but remained together. That

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