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Charles Dickens: A Product of His Era Charles Dickens is proof of the struggles of the poor in the Victorian era. He depicts himself as his young, mischievous, and misguided characters Oliver Twist and David Copperfield. He shows that he is a product of his era by bringing attention to the childhood cruelty, the less privileged and the unfortunate in an English society, and the dysfunctional families of the Victorian time period. Dickens reflects these and many other issues faced in his time with the authenticity of his literature. While others were writing about how things should be Dickens was provoking these issues and writing about how things really were. He disputed that paupers and pickpockets were not born criminals, but were pushed to the edge in order to survive. This was viewed as a revolution, because he was displaying to the middle and upper classes how things felt from a different perspective. The Victorian era was more than just a time of consumerism. It was the epitome of child labor and the cruelty that came with it. Dickens was very poor growing up. He had to work in a factory where he was treated like dirt and had to work in a harsh and dangerous environment. This is revealed in his writing, as Oliver Twist takes a job in a factory so he can eat and have a place to sleep. Twist is forced to work from daylight to sundown and the meals came in fist-size portions. The young children in the factory became very scrawny and were nearing starvation. Many poverty stricken children, maybe even Dickens himself, worked 16 hours a day under brutal conditions. However, child labor was not the only crime of the time. Many underprivileged children in the Victorian era were verbally and physically abused by their parents and the upper class of English society. Dickens demonstrates how parents can be cruel and abusive to their children in David Copperfield. An

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