Charles Dicken Focuses on Wealth and Greed in Acc

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A Christmas Carol is a novella written by Charles Dickens set in 1843. This era in England was in the prime of the Victorian Laws and Dickens uses A Christmas Carol to responds to a social dilemma and crisis underpinning society. A Christmas Carol focuses on Ebenezer Scrooge who is a sting old miser who embarks a spiritual journey to change his views on wealth and greed. A social concern that Dickens is focusing on is the priority of family over money and personal gains .Dickens focus on the messages of wealth as opposed to greed by contrasting protagonists such as Scrooge and the Cratchit Family to help convey to the audience the need to look within in order to grow. Dickens shows us three types of wealth in A Christmas carol and only one of them is in parallel to greed. We see that in fact it is attitude of possessing wealth that leads to greed and corruption and you can be wealthy and be generous at the same time shown through Fred and the Cratchits teach us all a valuable lesson of having the wealth of your family. In a Christmas Carol Dickens creates a much more complex view of wealth which portrays that it is not the possession of wealth that make us greedy but it is the attitude people have towards wealth and that defines weather or not you become greedy. At the start of the Novella we are introduced to scrooge who is an avaricious old miser and he ‘likes darkness because it is cheap’. Scrooge has the wrong attitude towards wealth and this made him greedy. We see that scrooge misses out on the many glorious occasions life has to offer because he is too tight fisted with his money. Scrooge gave up the chance to have loving family when he chooses money over his fiancée Belle, who turns out to have a happy family with another loving husband. Dickens also uses the character of Jacob Marley who was ‘was dead as a doornail’ and had the same attitude towards
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