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Charles Babbage was an English mathematician, inventor, philosopher, and mechanical engineer. He is credited for inventing the first mechanical computer. He is known to be the “father of the computer”. Babbage was born “as the industrial revolution was getting into its swing, [and] by the time Babbage died Britain was by far the most industrialized country the world had ever seen” (Hyman). Babbage was an important contribution to the development of science and technology. Charles Babbage was born in 1791. It is not positive where exactly Babbage was born. Some say he was born in Walworth, Surrey England. Others say he was born in Teignmouth, Devonshire England. Babbage was also said to have been born in London, England. Charles Babbage always had an interest with machines and inventions. As a child, he would always play with mechanical thinks, and take them apart. “He was a sickly child who had to be tutored at home, but he showed great aptitude for mathematics” (Garwig 320). He eventually started his formal education when he went to Trinity College in Cambridge. Babbage started attending Trinity College in 1810 and he was already familiar with advanced mathematics, and found himself far ahead of others. At the University, he developed a friendship with his classmates, John Herschel, who was the son of a noted astronomer, and George Peacock. They began something called the Analytical Society, which was to promote the study of mathematics. “One of their special missions was to encourage the use of the mathematical notation of Leibnitz for differential calculus (using the “d” to express the derivative), instead of the Newtonian notation (a dot)” (Garwig 320). In 1813, Babbage transferred from Trinity College to Peterhouse College only because he knew that his two friends would beat him in the final examination. In 1814, he graduated first in his class at

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