Charles A. Lindbergh, Life of an Aviator

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Clinton Kanu Antoinette Cangelosi History 1302 26th of February, 2013 Charles A. Lindbergh, Life of an Aviator Charles Augustus Lindbergh (1902-1974), American aviator, made the historic first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Charles A. Lindbergh was born on February 4, 1902, in Detroit, Michigan. His father was a congressman from Minnesota (1907-1917). After attending schools in Little Falls, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C., Lindbergh enrolled in a mechanical engineering program at the University of Wisconsin. He left to study flying in Lincoln, Nebraska (1920-1922). He made his first solo flight in 1923 and thereafter made exhibition flights and short hops in the Midwest. He enrolled in the U.S. Air Service Reserve as a cadet in 1924 and graduated the next year. In 1926 he made his first flight as an airmail pilot between Chicago and St. Louis. Lindbergh first of all had an impossible task of flying nonstop from New-York to Paris, in addition of the 25,000 dollar price tag posted by Raymond Orteig that comes with the accomplishment. The heroic part of this accomplishment was the combination of both a terrible weather when taking off and the unbelievable darkness that crossed over Cape Cod and Nova Scotia and headed for the open Atlantic. According to Lindbergh, “"Darkness set in about 8:15 and a thin, low fog formed over the sea through which the white bergs showed up with surprising clearness. This fog became thicker and increased in height until within two hours I was just skimming the top of storm clouds at about ten thousand feet. Even at this altitude there was a thick haze through which only the stars directly overhead could be seen. There was no moon and it was very

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