Charlemagne: Modern Day Europe

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Few Catholics today have an understanding of Charlemagne, a great Catholic King of an empire covering most of modern day Europe. Charlemagne was a just King who wanted the Middle Age World to be Catholic ruled by a just catholic king Charlemagne showed a love and concern for his family as a Catholic father. He made sure that his family was warm on the trip to see the Pope in Rome. On the same trip, When his family was with him on their way to Rome, as they were passing the place where Romans used to worship the pagan god Jupiter, the king drew Carl within the shelter of his blue cloak, holding its folds against his cheek, as though he would protect his son against the evil which might still linger in that desolate place. Another example, when…show more content…
Another example was when Charlemagne was talking to his daughter bertha. The king said a day will come when every son and daughter will go to school. Another example, when Charlemagne decided to become the emperor of Rome, he did it because the pope asked and the people of Rome wanted him to be their king so he became emperor. Charlemagne was willing to make great sacrifices to bring Christianity to the pagan lands he ruled. Charlemagne did for the good of Christian Europe, and to do that good, he and his family would have to make personal sacrifices, such as when he put his two youngest sons in separate kingdoms from each other and from the rest of the family. Another example. When the king was planning which one of his older sons would rule his empire after he died he decided it would be his son Carl because he did not want oldest son Pepin to rule because of his hunchback, another example. When Charlemagne went to go find the Saxons that had killed his best knights and when he found them he had to decide whether or not to execution them for their actions, but when he thought about it he decided to execution for their action because that was justice. Catholics who are descended from families of Europe must be grateful to Charlemagne. I personally enjoyed this book and I also found that Charlemagne was a just good hearted
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