Charismatic Leadership Essay

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CHARISMATIC LEADERSHIP Any type of organization runs successfully when it is piloted by a skillful and influential leader. While leaders motivate their followers, it is not the only thing leaders can do. A good leader can structure the organization in the way he wants. He represents the culture of the organization and most importantly, it has been observed that effective leaders posses a capacity to increase the productivity of the organization. Various scholars categorize leadership styles in a different way. Lewin (1939) classifies leadership styles in three categories: Autocratic Leadership, Democratic Leadership and Delegative (Laissez-Faire). Charismatic leadership process is seen as a compound product of three factors: The leader and his attributes, the social situation which demands for such a leader and the interaction between the leader and his followers. I would like to identify President Barack Obama as a charismatic leader and explain his charismatic leadership with an example of his leadership in his first mandat. Leadership Transformational-charismatic Before the election, President Barack Obama attracted the attention of American's and foreigners alike with a seemingly charismatic nature. A charismatic leader has an uncanny ability to draw others to his side and move them to accomplish a cause bigger than themselves. A charismatic approach is transformational if it invokes a permanent change in the people who embrace the leader's vision. During his first term, President Obama wooed at least some to his vision by showing the potential to make a huge difference in both domestic and foreign affairs. Cross-Cultural-Global Leadership Under the Bush Administration, America's image lost much of its shine. This was mostly due to a unilateral, ethnocentirc foreign policy espoused by Bush and Cheney. While not taking America's safety needs for granted,
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