Charging 12 Volt Battery With Solar And Wind Power Essay

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im trying to do a project with electrolysis and i need to find out how to charge a 12volt battery with a windmill and a solar panel. The solar panel charges a large battery that ex-puts in A/V, USB AND 12v car lighter. And the Windmill has a motor that can ex-put from a stripped red and black wire. I need something that can deal with the different ex-puts that can put it into a 12volt battery. OK I will break it down into a sort of block diagram. But there are designs all over the internet. 1 A good string or one really good battery. Lead acid is cheaper but Lithium’s can last longer and are less of a bio hazard. Make sure and get the amphour rating you will need. Do the math 2 Then you should have a outdoor rated junction box for the charging line from the panels and wind generator. It there is a chance it gets wet if not you still need a box. 3 The box will need terminal strips and a place to mount them rated for the power you will be running to and out of them. 4 You will need space for a cutoff switch 5 fuses You should fuse each Positive input and fuse the one positive output to the batteries. 6 possible high current diodes I always would use high current diodes on the positive on the solar and wind generator to make sure the current goes one way but if you use a good controller you will not need that. 7 at least one controller it makes it safer and more efficient 8 Places to pass wire in and out from/to the panel, generator, battery and depending on how you do your USB and Aux power outputs a place for their wire or a place to mount them. Options are panel volt and amp meters, switches to switch off inputs and outputs or a led or light to show what is active. It can be as simple or complex as you want you can leave out the box if inside but it is saver as it will contain a possible fire. You will either have to build a controller or by one as they

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