Charges Against The King Essay

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Charges against the King, 1754-1776 Although they initially maintained an amicable relationship, signs of fiction and growing tension between Great Britain and America became more evident within the last two decades preceding the American Revolution. Over this period of time, the colonies compiled a series of complaints that seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. For the longest time, America was held within constraints that England put on the then developing country in order to delay its progress. The colonists began to realize that the mother country that was supposed to help them flourish into a nation of its own was the very force that kept them from actually reaching this goal. The colonies united against the crown with similar complaint that the laws that were passed in the colonies that were supposed to keep them on a path to a stronger country were actually what prevented them from doing so. The Declaration of Independence also mentioned the King’s tendency to make reckless decisions, while the colonists were bombarded with the consequences. Lastly, the colonists became aware of the lack of concern that England showed the country. Each decision that concerned America as well the English, especially economically, was always made so that England could reap the most benefits. After numerous signs of abuse from the King, the Americans began to feel violated and disrespected, because he showed a blatant indifference to America or its people. Though not recognized at the time of their conception, the colonists’ objections concerning the King’s choices and protests about England’s incapability to correctly govern America proved to be well-founded. As America continues to grow and develop as a country of its own, England repeatedly displayed numerous attempts to diminish whatever progress the colonies have made. As the British continued to rule America, colonial

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