Charge of the Light Brigade Essay

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Jake Phipps The Charge of the Light Brigade Can courage be described as the absence of fear? Courage has been described as many different things. A person who is battling a serious illness is thought to be courageous. A child who called an emergency number when his or her parent has an accident is called courageous. A person who serves in the military has definitely earned the title of courageous. But what is it made out of? Are they not scared, do these people not have fear in the things they are going through? Alfred Tennyson's The Charge of The Light Brigade depicts six hundred men, six hundred courageous men. Tennyson wrote this poem, which is based on a true story, in order to enlighten his readers on what exactly it is that makes a courageous man. The story starts out with the Brigade marching onward to the “valley of death.” It is apparent from the beginning that Tennyson doesn't look for the Brigade to return. From right off the start, the Brigade begin acts of “courage”, “Half a league, half a league, half a league onward, all in the valley of death rode the six hundred.” (p.2023, line 1) These guys knew what was about to happen. They knew that they were riding into the valley death, and they knew they were outnumbered, yet they marched onward. Wether they were scared of not is uncertain at this point, but this is where the first sign of “courage” comes in. As the soldiers ride into the valley of death, it becomes apparent from that point that the thing that makes them courageous is their lack of fear and their commitment to their company. “Was there a man dismayed? Not though the soldier knew someone had blundered.” (p.2023, line 10) Someone blundered, they knew someone messed up. They knew that the were going into this fight against all odds, and while they still had time to turn around, they marched onward. Tennyson proves their loyalty
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