Characters Evaluations Essay

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The 5 basic character traits of personality according to Costa and McCrae are Extraversion, Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Agreeableness. This is considered to be the basis of any individual’s personality when trying to determine what a person’s characteristics are all about. People react in social environment situations or in a setting when no one is around according to the type of Trait they have. For instance, take a fictional character like Batman, who is a savvy low key businessman during the day but at night his extraversion trait looking for excitement and danger anywhere he can find it throughout Gotham city is taking over. Clearly he is in need of activity and he has the power to be very assertive. He is aggressively seeking adventure by always getting in fights and his positivity helps him fight crime no matter how much he is outnumbered. He is never scared of a situation and clearly he is no introvert. He is not shy when the bat suit comes but rather he feels invincible in the face of danger. Openness to Experience is also a trait because Fantasy is his whole worlds and everything that he knows and lives by. His strong physique shows how much the out appearance is important to him. Action is an everyday norm because without it he would solely be his alter ego Bruce Wayne. Now Bruce can possibly have the Neuroticism trait because he is always depressed and you can tell that when he becomes batman it is like an anti-depressant drug to him. He finally gets to burst out of his shell and seek the excitement he lives for. Batman hold his values very close because that is what drives him to search for the wrong doers and avenge criminals to get justice. His sole purpose is to make what is wrong in his world right
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