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A Midsummer Night’s Dream In the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, I found that the actors did a very good job of portraying the drama skills that we have learned this semester. The production had many different techniques and skills that made the play more fun and interesting to watch. One skill that was used in this performance was the use of tableaux. Many times during the play, characters froze in the middle of a scene. While these characters were frozen, another character stood up and said a monologue or just a bunch of lines. This skill was presented many times throughout the play and is a skill that we were taught this semester. I believe that the tableaux’s were very effective because it helped me realize what was happening and made the play more exciting. It made the play more exciting because of dramatic irony; I knew what was going to happen before the characters in the play did. It was used more in the scenes that were taking place in the forest. As the fairies were watching over the mortals, the mortals froze and the fairies talked. This took place many times in the play. While the characters were frozen, the fairies were just laughing at how silly they were being and how much more powerful they were. Another skill that was used during the play was articulation. The characters used this skill to raise their voice so that it was heard all over the theater. This skill was used at the beginning of the play and also through the rest of it. At the beginning, Egeus was yelling at his daughter and with articulation he made his voice be heard through the whole school! This was very effective because without it, no one would have heard what the characters were saying. All the characters used it throughout the play. Lastly, a skill that was used is levels and movement. The characters used the whole stage, they would move from one end to the other and have people

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