Characterization Of Odysseus (Books 1-4)

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Characterization of Odysseus Books 1-4 In actuality, our hero Odysseus from The Odyssey by Homer doesn’t show his face until somewhere along the 5th book, yet he manages to come across as a glorified idol as early as the first few pages of the first book. Homer uses an interesting technique to first introduce us to our hero, which is by third person through the thoughts, memories and stories told of him by various characters. Gods, goddesses, family, suitors, kings - just about everybody we come across in the first four books know of Odysseus, and have mostly positive things to say about him. Old kings recall times of war and glory, during which Odysseus proved himself to be an idol on and off the battlefield. His wife, Penelope, grieves for the loss of a husband who was as wise and just as he was strong. Telemachus, a son who was unfortunate enough to not have known his father personally since twenty years after his birth - even he speaks of his father with affection, convinced that he is a respectable man and king and would make just as great a father. From all others who think highly of him he is spoken of with great reverence, during which his noble deeds, courageous acts and just rule over all of Ithaca, his homeland and kingdom, are noted. Overall, from the first four books, Odysseus is portrayed as a flawless character of valor and virtue to whom matters of life and death are but a game and obstacles are brushed off the shoulder as easily as if they were but stray thoughts to enter his nearly impervious

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