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Characterization of the Book “Hoot” After reading a book “Hoot” by Carl Hiaasen, I wished that I would have had this kind of sparkling experience during my childhood. I believe this book is written based on a theme of struggles to grow up. Throughout this story, it is illustrated how three main characters of Roy, Beatrice, and Mullet Finger are growing up in terms of internal aspects by sharing a purpose of struggles which is protection of owls’ home. I believe that the word “home” plays a key role in this book. Roy has a warm home with great and understanding parents. Beatrice has a little complicated home environment. And, Mullet Fingers lives in a situation far from the home. These three from different backgrounds are related to each other, work together for the purpose, and develop their relationship. Each of them plays a role and their combined roles work for stopping construction of the pancake house which means corruption of owls’ nest. I would like to focus on two characters of Roy and Beatrice who became involved in steps toward growing up. Roy is basically illustrated calm and intelligent. When the story goes forward, his personal characteristics of calmness are revealed. For example, he knows there are some options to resolve the conflict between Dana (Hiaasen 99). He estimates what happens if he escapes from the bully, if he tells it to Miss Hennepin or parents, and if he apologizes Dana again (Hiaasen 99). Moreover, his smartness is indicated with his parents’ experience of miscarriage and in a sentence of “he’d tried not to give his parents extra reasons to worry about him” (Hiaasen 101). There is another example of his characteristics of intelligence. He is always concerned about laws. When he was talking with his father about Dana, he asked his father if Dana could be arrested (Hiaasen 29). When he told his father about

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