The Characterization Of Jack Potter

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The Characterization of Jack Potter In Stephen Crane’s “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky”, Jack Potter, seems to be a quite simple man. Jack Potter is the marshal of the small Texas town of Yellow Sky to which he is also very dutiful to his town when trouble arises he is always there to save the day. An example of this which shows another of his traits is when the town drunkard starts a shooting frenzy in the street; Jack is always there to make him back down showing that he is very firm to Scratchy. Thematically, I think that this story says take advantage of the little things in life. Throughout the story Jack Potter showed that he is indeed a very simple living man. On his way back home to Yellow Sky with his new bride, who is very plain looking herself, mentioned eating on the train would be too expensive, but Jack decided just that once it would be good for them to spurge a bit (267). Even the clothing that they were wearing, such as her blue detailed cashmere dress, showed that they were only doing all of this for the special occasion. On the way to Yellow Sky, thoughts of the greeting they may receive, Potter seemed to just want to sneak in on them which seemed to be kind of modest. Maybe Potter didn’t want to stir up too much attention upon arrival. Marshal Potter seems to be a firm man. When Scratchy Wilson would go about terrorizing the citizens of Yellow Sky on his drunken rampages, Jack Potter would always settle him down one way or another. As soon as Scratchy came across Potter and his new bride, he began his usual confrontation wanting to fight. Even after being threatened while without a gun, he stood strong and didn’t show fear (273, only defending his new bride and his integrity as the marshal. From the clues given in the story, Jack Potter was a dutiful marshal and husband. He took well care of both his wife and his town. In the beginning of
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